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Welcome to the Jungle! This is our first Apple flavour strains and it’s delicious. Buds are small and quite compact, the flower is lite and as green as a Granny Smith Apple.



Jungle Apples Aroma & Flavor;

Jungle Apples is named for its really tangy flavour. A sour taste with a citrus twist. Slightly earthy but full of goodness.

Jungle Apples Genetics;

Jungle Apples CBD was created by crossing Sour Apple with #43.

75% Indica / 15 % Sativa

CBD 22% THC <0.2 %

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500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg

4 reviews for JUNGLE APPLES Hemp flower

  1. Scott Sid

    Delivery is always on point. Often its even the very next day. Bud is great quality obviously the prices change depending on the strain and they have a great 30 percent off sale each month along with the discount codes they send you after your orders getting 6g for 30 something I haven’t got a single complaint, great company will continue using

  2. Angela Tompkins

    Great service speedy delivery always helps me at night time to relax thank you 😁❤

  3. Danny

    Certainly the worst CDB flower I’ve ever encountered.. followed up by myself with a disappointed yet friendly email to customer support asking for a replacement (I’d spent alot). They replied, very quickly dismissing my point entirely and offering …with my next purchase… 3g of the same terrible buds..! I told them I would kindly returning my original purchase for them to examine and diagnose the issue. to which they said..
    “No, we are unable sell it on….”….
    “You dispose of/smoke it..”

    To which i reaffirmed “It is not smokeable.”…
    As in.. Actually, physically and entirely it does not smoke… Once rolled into a “Raw” paper with a “Raw” roach, then lit, the ash instantly turned black and blocked the end of the joint, which blocked the path of air through the joint and I was unable to get even a whisp of smoke out of either end… As if it had instantly turned into coal..

    I have been smoking, unfortunately, for almost 15 years and am fully aware of how to roll a joint, CBD specific or otherwise.. In my past experience and research. The ash turning black and inability to smoke is a sign of the nutrients used during the growing and flowering stage, was not sufficiently or properly rinsed through the plant or at all before harvesting. This is done to either. Save water, or. Speed up the process in order to get the flowers to market faster..

    Both pretty terrible business practices regardless of either option..

    Thank you for reading my review,
    Big love..

  4. Ledreia Watson

    My experience with CBD Hemp vault has been amazing! The product is packaged and shipped with care, excellent customer service, and fantastic communication from sellers. Fast shipping and great prices. Has been a real gem especially during this challenging time. Would recommend to anyone who wants to relax, focus, and zen. 10 star rating!! Will continue to buy with them even when my local CBD shop opens

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