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A good night’s sleep can completely revolutionize your morning. In fact, a number of people take CBD to improve their quality of sleep. But does CBD make you sleepy? Does CBD oil make you tired?

CBD is the latest addition to a selection of must-have wellness products. It’s also readily available online. Many people swear by it, after including it in their wellness routines.

We’ll answer all your questions about CBD and sleep — including whether it can make you sleepy — right here at Treasure Valley Farm.



Originating from the hemp plant, CBD is a compound also known as a cannabinoid. Unlike THC, it won’t get you high. CBD products come in a variety of options.

For example, you can choose to use smokables, like CBD Cigarettes and Hemp Wraps. You can also choose from a selection of CBD edibles, oils, and CBD tinctures.

Additionally, animal studies also point to CBD having a number of advantages. Many people turn to CBD to help them get better quality sleep. If this is the case, then CBD oil must make you sleepy, right?

What does this mean for people who want to take CBD, but don’t want to feel tired? Can people take CBD, even if they have no trouble sleeping?



Anecdotal evidence points to CBD potentially aiding in better sleep. Because of this, you might have several questions, including questions like, “Does CBD oil make you tired?”

We’re here to tell you that the jury’s still out on this one. Many people claim that CBD can help improve your sleep quality. However, more research needs to be done to figure out whether or not CBD can actually make you sleepy.

That being said, a number of people choose to consume CBD oil before bedtime, claiming that it helps them sleep better. This could be down to any number of reasons.

A number of CBD users stick to a balanced routine when it comes to when, where, and how they take their CBD. A regular evening routine — with or without CBD — could make you feel more relaxed, resulting in you feeling sleepy around bedtime.


Earlier, we mentioned that more research needs to be done before we can conclude whether or not CBD can make you feel tired.

However, you might have heard of people experiencing drowsiness after consuming CBD. You might have also experienced this yourself. If you’re concerned about feeling sleepy when you consume CBD, you don’t have to cut CBD out altogether.

We’ve put together a number of ways to consume CBD, without having to worry about feeling drowsy.

Time Your Doses

If you associate CBD with feeling sleepy, you could make small changes as to when you take your CBD.

For example, if you notice yourself feeling drowsy or tired in the afternoon, consider taking your CBD oil a little earlier in the day. Add it to your morning coffee, or take a capsule with breakfast. You could also take it a little later — right after work, or after dinner.

Changing your routine, and sticking to CBD doses at a set time could potentially stop you from feeling drowsy in the middle of your workday.

Check Your Products Does CBD makes you Sleepy

We mentioned earlier that to prove CBD’s connection to sleepiness, we’ll need more evidence. However, there’s a clear link between THC and sleep quality.

A study in 2004 showed that THC could make users feel drowsy. In large doses, it could also make you feel sluggish, and affect your performance throughout the day. If you’re drawing a connection between your CBD products and feelings of fatigue, we’d recommend checking your products.

In several states, THC is considered a controlled substance. However, sub-standard products might contain large amounts of THC. This is because their manufacturers might not utilize a third-party lab testing facility.

You can avoid purchasing sub-standard CBD products by looking up their third-party lab testing results. This helps to establish whether or not the products contain THC, and if so, how much THC they contain.

Opting for a CBD product with low to no THC could help avoid feeling sleepy. You could also be sensitive to THC. In this case, you could…

CBD Structure

Avoid Full-Spectrum CBD

We’ve explored CBD isolate in detail before on Treasure Valley Farm. It’s simply a form of CBD with no added cannabinoids or terpenes. This means it doesn’t contain any THC.

Many manufacturers use full-spectrum CBD in their products — which means that these products contain trace amounts of THC. If you’re sensitive to THC, this could result in feeling sleepy when you take your full-spectrum CBD oil.

Therefore, you could opt for a product made from CBD isolate instead — like Wild Hemp’s CBD gummies. We should also mention that using a product made from CBD isolate means that you might not benefit from the entourage effect.

However, if you’d like to continue to benefit from it, we’d recommend trying products made from broad-spectrum CBD. At Treasure Valley Farm, we have a selection of broad-spectrum CBD products.

Choose from our selection of CBD Capsules and tinctures, all made from broad-spectrum CBD.


So, does CBD make you sleepy? Well, to give you a definitive answer, we’d need more research. However, there have been links between THC and feelings of tiredness.

Therefore, when in doubt, check your CBD products. This will help ensure that you’re not accidentally consuming large doses of THC. It will also help to confirm that you’re only ingesting good-quality products.

If you’ve experienced feelings of tiredness when consuming CBD, consider timing your doses. This will help establish when you feel drowsy. You’ll be able to avoid feeling sleepy during your workday, or at other inconvenient times.  You can buy Cali weed online from

You could also avoid products made from full-spectrum CBD. This is especially helpful if you’re sensitive to THC. Full-spectrum CBD can contain small amounts of THC, which could potentially result in feelings of drowsiness and exhaustion.

For a variety of good-quality CBD products, shop Wild Hemp’s selection of offerings, right here. We offer free shipping on all orders. also see Legit weed dispensary

Also, Read On health Benefits of CBD for Men

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3 Health benefits of CBD for Men

CBD is widely used for treating all kinds of ailments but how can it help male health? Let’s take a look below at 3 amazing health benefits of CBD for men.

It May Alleviate Mental Health Problems

Although women are more likely to be diagnosed with common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression, men are less likely to access psychological therapies than women, possibly due to the attached stigma of being ‘weak’.

CBD flower for saleThe reality is that men are 3 times more likely to become alcohol independent than women, are more likely to use and die from illegal drugs, and over 75% of suicides committed, are by men.

Our body’s endocannabinoid system is closely involved in the regulation of anxiety and parts of the brain involved with anxiety contain high levels of CB1 receptors. CBD, therefore, has the ability to increase endocannabinoids linked to reducing anxiety and boost serotonin reception thus both regulating mood and social behaviour.

CBD also has the ability to reduce learned fear and the way we process fear memories, so in cases of anxiety where memories could be feeding negative emotions and responses, CBD is incredibly useful.

It Could Boost Your Sex Life

One of the slightly more exciting health benefits of CBD for men is the ability to boost stamina and enhance sensations in the bedroom as well as improving erectile dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think, and most men won’t seek medical help. But what causes it? Stress and anxiety are thought to be responsible for between 10-20% of erectile dysfunction cases and the remaining percentage is thought to be down to physiological reasons such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and sleep disorders.

CBD can help to improve blood flow to the genitals by dilating the blood vessels around the area as well as treating any inflammation that may be contributing to the problem. It may also help to increase testosterone levels too.

With a whopping 48% of men suffering from one or more side effects when using Viagra, CBD seems like a much safer and healthier option.

It Can Help to Improve Your Prostate Health

There are many conditions that can affect prostate health such as enlarged prostate, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. Although more clinical studies are needed researchers have made some promising findings.

cbd flower for saleAs CBD helps to regulate hormonal health it could help to inhibit the overflow of testosterone production responsible for causing an enlarged prostate, as well as treating any pain and inflammation caused by the condition itself or by UTIs and kidney stones.

The lesser-known prostatitis is a condition caused commonly by a type of bacteria that enters the prostate via the urinary tract but can also be caused by sexually transmitted diseases too. CBD can help to alleviate any inflammation, pain, and discomfort, as well as potentially possessing some anti-bacterial properties that might help to fight prostatitis.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer that men contract. CBD has been found to induce cell death of cancerous cells as well as inhibiting the growth of a tumour by reducing the blood supply. While CBD certainly isn’t a cancer cure it certainly shows some promise in preventing and treating prostate cancer.

Whether you’re looking to boost your energy levels, improve your mood or your sex life, CBD can definitely help.

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New Mexico Court Overturns Burdensome Cannabis Safety & Testing Rules

A New Mexico court has ruled in favour of a coalition of licensed medical cannabis producers and one medical cannabis patient authorized to grow at home, essentially overturning the state’s safety and labelling protocols adopted by the Department of Health (DOH) last year, according to the NM Political Report.

The group first sued the state on the grounds the new rules requiring heavy metal and pesticide testing were “arbitrary and capricious” and would result in high prices for patients, according to the NM Political Report. First Judicial District Court Judge Bryan Biedscheid did not rule on the “merits” of the new rules only that the state did not follow the proper procedures when adopting the changes, namely that the rules lacked “substantial evidence” and the DOH did not consult the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board when developing the program.

Although the original lawsuit did not ask for all the rules to be invalidated, the court took that extra step and invalidated the entire new batch of regulations.

“The Court hopes that its additional findings and conclusions provide some guidance to the Department on remand and avoid additional remands due to lack of substantial evidence,” Judge Biedscheid wrote.

Additionally, the ruling overturns producers’ ability to increase their plant count under certain circumstances and throws out a consumption area provision that, according to the report, no medical cannabis producer in the state had yet taken advantage of.

The Department of Health already had testing and labeling requirements in place prior to the new regulations, so the New Mexico cannabis industry will return to its previous testing and labeling standards. are still testing and labeling standards in New Mexico. However, it is unclear if the legislature or DOH will take the issue up again; the DOH said it was “aware” of the judge’s ruling and is currently “evaluating options.” The legislature, meanwhile, may be too busy looking forward to adult-use cannabis regulations in the state.

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Best CBD Flower: Our reviews to choose the best CBD flowers on the internet

Are you looking for information about CBD flowers? Then you’ve come to the right place here at Treasure valley farm (in English)! In fact many CBD enthusiasts are looking for this type of product, which is not very easy to obtain. But first things first, what is a CBD flower? A CBD Flower refers to the bud produced by a female hemp plant. It is also called the “cannabis’ head”. While not all flower buds have the same levels of cannabinoids, it is the seedless buds which are used for the sale of CBD. Moreover, these types of flowers come from hemp plants specially dedicated to the sale of cannabidiol in order to be compliant with the legislation and THC levels required.


Where to buy a CBD flower on the internet?

Before you start ordering CBD flowers on the internet, you should first find out about the laws in place in your country of residence. For example, we know that the purchase of a CBD flower in Europe or in the World is highly regulated and that you must be careful about the products you order.

It should also be taken into consideration that few online shops allow you to buy CBD flowers, reason why we have made our suggestion of the sellers which will provide this type of product.

Our selection criteria for finding CBD herb on the internet

The shops we have selected are among the best on the web. Reputed, reliable and in compliance with the law, we offer you a review of their services as well as a complete rating to improve your shopping experience. Discover our selection criteria:

  • The shop’s compliance with the law.
  • The quality and diversity of CBD flowers.
  • The security of the means of payment.
  • The speed and discretion of deliveries.
  • Reliability of customer service.

Which are the best CBD flowers to buy on the internet?


Above you can find a ranking of the most popular CBD flowers among Internet users. According to the opinions of our customers and readers, but also analysed through following various tests and reviews. We believe that these flowers are among the best on the market. You can find out for yourself, but we assure that these products are of high quality and will not disappoint you.

Mainly from organic and 100% natural hemp production, these cannabidiol flowers have a THC content of less than 0.2% in order to comply with the European law. Moreover, we also give you the opportunity you to buy a “cheap” CBD flower, as we direct you to products with the best quality/price ratio.

How to choose the best CBD flower?

Although you will find many CBD flowers on the internet, not all of them are of good quality. This is why we would like to give you some advice so you can make your purchase with peace of mind.

First of all, you should pay attention to the smell of the flower, which is produced by terpenes. This is important because some sellers add these aromatic molecules to their products to make them more fragrant. There is a very simple way to know if the aroma is natural or not: the smell must be the same when you open the bag and when you crush the flower.

As the CBD content is higher in the flower than in other parts of the hemp plant, you should also be careful that your sachet is not filled with residues from the plant. You should pay attention to this as there is the possibility to buy the flower by weight.

Finally, if the law allows a maximum level of THC, some growers are obliged to add chemicals to the product. Indeed, the higher the CBD rate is, the higher the THC rate will be. Some manufacturers are therefore obliged to lower the THC level with a process that is not natural at all, which gives you a CBD flower that loses its quality and is polluted. Make sure that your flower is produced using a natural process.

Why and how to use CBD flowers?

CBD herb is one of the only products that is not processed. Contrary to an e-liquid or oil, for example, the cannabidiol flowers are directly derived from hemp. In particular, it possesses many virtues, such as acting against pain, but also against anxiety or stress. The CBD flower is a relaxant that does not act on the brain, unlike the THC molecule.

There are also different ways to ingest a CBD flower:

  • Infusion: in the same way as a classic tea flower, it is possible to prepare your own infusions with the CBD flower. Moreover, you can even make great recipes to drink with coconut, vanilla, or cinnamon.
  • Smoking: this is surely the most commonly used process. Smoking CBD herb is now common whether it is with rolling paper, a pipe or a bong. Nevertheless, be careful because inhalation and combustion are still harmful to your health.
  • Vaporizing: less fashionable, but more and more trendy, it is also possible to use a vaporizer. This method is the best one for your health as it is discreet since there will be no smoke.

Everyone has their own way of using a CBD flower in order to match their needs. Make your choice and test the different products that you can find in our guide and comparisons.

How to store your CBD bud?

The conservation of your CBD flowers is an essential step in your consumption habits. In particular, there are some studies that prove that the cannabidiol present in the cannabis flower can remain stable for about two years. Therefore, the preservation of cannabinoids in the flower is linked to an exemplary storage environment. So, how should you store your CBD flower? First and foremost by reducing the factors that could kill the cannabinoids in the bud.

  • Keep an eye on the light: this is surely the most important factor which will impact the degradation of your flower and its properties. We advise you to keep your CBD flower in the dark and away from a light source.
  • Keep an eye on the air: ensure that your flower is not in contact with too much oxygen. In order to guarantee this, the vendors offer airtight packaging, however we advise you to use small pots or jars that do not allow air to infiltrate.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature: a high temperature will let the terpenes evaporate and dry out your CBD flower. A dark and relatively cool environment will therefore allow for a better conservation of the bud.
  • Watch the humidity: this is the most complicated factor to evaluate. Reason being that you must keep your flower dry, but not too dry so as not to damage the terpenes. So remember to keep your flowers in an environment where the humidity is not too high.

Is it legal to buy a CBD flowers online in Ireland?

Buying a CBD flower can be quite adventurous from a legal point of view. First of all, not all countries take the same stance on the sale of CBD flowers. In France, for example, the consumption of cannabis flowers is totally illegal. But some CBD products are not banned (or are at least less controlled). Therefore, doubt persists, and the law is not clear on this subject.

This is why it is also interesting to find out about European law. The EU does not prohibit the sale of CBD flowers as long as the product does not contain more than 0.2% THC and comes from certified production. Due to this, make sure to be careful before buying a CBD flower, and always remember to check the laws in your country.

Positive opinions: 98%
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USDA’s Final Rule on Hemp Regulation Impacts Louisiana Hemp Growers

Mike Strain, the Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, recently announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) had made its final rule on industrial hemp production in the US.

According to KLFY, the final rule will establish how states will regulate the hemp industry. These new modifications to the current rule were made after Strain made the following comments about 2020’s hemp growing season.

“The final rule will impact Louisiana hemp growers. However, it will require changes in the law and regulations at the state level, which takes time,” Strain explained. “The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) will work with the legislature during the 2021 legislative session to align Louisiana’s hemp law with the final rule.”

Here are some of the alterations to the law that Louisiana hemp growers must expect:

Licensing requirements
Deadline to harvest hemp following the official THC sample collection and analysis extended from 15 to 30 days
Procedures used to sample THC concentration levels for hemp
Procedures used to dispose and remediate non-compliant plants
Compliance provisions
Procedures for handling violations

According to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Louisiana’s state industrial hemp plan was approved by the USDA on Dec. 23, 2019. Since December 27, 2019, the LDAF Industrial Hemp Program has been accepting license applications to produce, transport, and process industrial hemp in Louisiana.

Anyone growing, handling, transporting, or processing industrial hemp or hemp seed must have a current license issued by the LDAF. These are the four types of hemp licenses available:

Grower License – allows a licensee to cultivate, handle, and transport industrial hemp, regardless of its intended use;
Processor License – enables a licensee to handle, process, and transport industrial hemp;
Seed Producer – allows a licensee to produce, transport, and sell industrial hemp seed;
Contract Carrier – permits a licensee to transport industrial hemp; this is essential for transporters who aren’t operating as licensed growers or processors of the plant material.

At this point, the “Bayou State” has 95 industrial hemp licensees. If you’d like to check the final rule, it’s available for viewing in the Federal Register and goes into effect on March 22.

Originally Published on 2021 02 02 by Louis Levey | DOPE Magazine

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